People Management Essay

Topics: Emotion, Emotional labor, Arlie Russell Hochschild Pages: 4 (1194 words) Published: September 25, 2012
Tom Callaghan
U54028- People Management in Hospitality & Tourism

Critically evaluate whether the requirement for Emotional Labour in hospitality and tourism work is ethical.

‘Employment situations in which workers as part of their work roles need to convey emotions and preferably to appear as though those emotions are deeply held…(emotions) that are supposed to make the recipient of the emotional labour feel good about the worker and the organisation for which he or she work’ Bryman, (2004: p104)

In order to fully understand the concept behind emotional labour it is pivotal to indentify the significance of ethics. Rothwell (pg98) believes ethics are different to values and competencies. A value is what is good or bad. Ethics on the other hand adds a moral dimension as to whether something is right and wrong. This essay shall endeavour to understand and research as to whether emotional labour a given within hospitality and subsequently is it ethical.

From the studies undertaken by Anderson et al, (2002, pg i) it is evident that the need for emotional labour within the hospitality and tourism industry is a requirement. After extensive research and interviews with managers of such establishments it was noticeable that in the recruitment process, individuals were selected based on their ‘interpersonal skills and the personality (the ‘right’ personality) of the prospective employees, rather than their technical abilities.’ The proposed research suggests that the personality and the ability to interact with customers is the underlying factor on whether a potential candidate is employed. Training can be provided to improve their technological capability, however social interaction skills are the pivotal aspects. The question must be raised, is this ethical? Employers should fairly choose their potential employees carefully however it tends to be based on their curriculum vitae and previous experience and qualifications, not on the basis...
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