People Like Us

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Rodriguez 1
Gabriel Rodriguez
English 1102
25 October 2012

Journal Entry One: David Brooks, “People Like Us”, pages 22-28 of Across Cultures Q: Brooks maintains that people like to group themselves with others who are similar to themselves. What factors are mentioned that might provide a center of association for individuals? A: Some factors Brook mentions which causes individuals to group themselves together are economical status, background, level of education, and geography. As brook states “We are finding places where we are comfortable and feel we can flourish” (23). For example, people are aware that in order to run a business such as a motor-home business they have to go to a place such as Monroe, County Pennsylvania since they will wind a massive amount of people who share this passion. Another factor that Brooks related to was to whom you marry. Brook mentions “Americans tend more and more to marry people with education levels similar to their own, and befriend people with background similar to their own, it is human nature” (24). As brook argues, people want to be around others who share similarities and a common background. This is just the way that most people think they will be more satisfied. Q: In paragraphs 13 and 14, Brooks argues that “institutions that talk most about diversity often practice it the least” What evidence does he use to support this statement? Rodriguez 2

A: As Brooks says elite universities {Institutions that talk the most about diversity} often practice it the least. An example that Brooks mentions in his essay is “How no group of people sing the diversity anthem more frequently and fervently than administrators at just such elite universities” (25). This quote represents Brooks argument directly because if elite universities talk so much about diversity, how come they are the ones that practice it the least? In fact, a study done by the Conservative Center for the Study and Popular Culture and the American Enterprise...
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