People in Rural Areas Experience Better Health Than Those in Urban Areas

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  • Published : March 8, 2009
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People in rural areas experience better health than those in urban areas. Compare and contrast the social constructs of these populations.

The people living in urban and rural areas have varying social constructs for health and physical activity. This is due to the different social circumstances of the community and the location of which they live in. People living in rural areas- living in a characteristic of farming or country life, in comparison to urban dwellers- Of or belonging to a city or town often have insufficient access to health services, recreational facilities, exposed to harsher environments and have relatively poor health education. Rural communities often have good social and spiritual health. While people living in urban areas have an adequate access to health and recreational services, developed knowledge of physical activity and health benefits, exposed to health promotion campaigns and have a higher socioeconomic status. People living in urban areas often have a lower social and spiritual health than those living in rural areas. These factors all contribute to people living in urban areas experiencing better health than those people living in rural areas.

Perceptions of physical activity and health vary from rural to urban areas. These variations are often linked with the level of education a person has received throughout their life. Due to less funding and different lifestyle choices, people living in rural areas in comparison with those living in urban areas don’t receive adequate information about the benefits of physical activity and health making them less likely to participate. People living in urban areas on the other hand have satisfactory information available to them about health benefits from health promotion by the governments, subjects furthering health studies in universities and high schools, from their general practitioner and from personal trainers at local gyms. The knowledge of these benefits motivates urban dwellers...
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