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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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“Two Seed of Sarah”

As you read the book SEED OF SARAH, one would realize that the author was describing her experiences in Nazi Germany’s concentration camps. These experiences are documented by her in the most charismatic and eye opening method. Although her experiences were remembered after her containment in the camp, her memory was awakened or stirred up with certain events that she witnessed later in life sometimes in the company of Ike her husband. As the story goes on , the reader will be able to understand the authors daily life and concerns as a young girl growing up in Hungary in the shadow of Nazi Germany and how the authors life changed in this period, understand how the author’s experience of her deportation and her incarceration in Auschwitz influence Isaacson’s views on human nature and her faith ,see how she cope with the daily life in the camp and how the author learned about herself and others in this environment, and finally the reader will be able to have an account about the essential nature of National Socialism and the role of anti-Semitism in Nazi ideology. As the story started the author was able to give great insight to daily life and concerns as a young girl growing up in Hungary in the shadow of Nazi Germany and how life changed in this period. In one of the moments in the story can be a bit surprising as a reader, was in the time when she and her husband were traveling in Trinidad. She recalls, “In February 1973, “my husband and I spent vacation in Trinidad, farther than we’d ever been before, and on our way

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back, we decided to detour through Venezuela. In Caracas, we bumped into a couple of English speaking boys lugging costumes, who explained that they were students at a /Jewish day school on their way to a Purim festival, the students were to perform in a play depicting scripture that was in the Old Testament, which she was familiar with. The part of the play which she first mentioned, “I...
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