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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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In the article “Dose social networking really connect you to humanity?” (The Blair Reader), Dave Taylor states that nowadays people are more likely to build their connections with friends via the Internet, and even the professionals have their Facebook page on their business card. But whether these social networks connect people well or not still remains a question. The author gives several examples such as Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter etc to make his claim. However, I think it is a one-sided opinion. Although these websites have some disadvantages, it is still connects people well. At the beginning of the article, Taylor starts with the definition of word “friends”, which means the people have the relationship in “virtual reality world”. Some of the web sites such as Friendster and Myspace actually redefined the meaning of friend. However, it was the deification a long time ago. Today, nobody in the real world defines his or her friend uses this definition, they have new ways to understand the word “friend”. When I was ten years old, there was a new software called MSN appear in China, which let people chat with others they are not known before. As MSN becoming popular in China, there is a new type of friend comes to our life, it is called online friend. We can talk everything we want to talk, when we have some problems, we have anything to complain about, and we have some happy things to share, we can definitely talk to them. Although we are not seeing each other in the real life, we do not have the real contacts; we can still call them friends. Moreover, the author believes that these websites put all the friends in the same level, so there is no difference between best friend and other normal friends such as your classmate. This it is true for the website in the article, but not all. Some of the website that he has not mentioned such as renren, which is really popular in China, have some links called special friend. You can put your best friend...
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