People Cannot Change

Topics: The Police, Abuse, 2003 in film Pages: 2 (925 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Peter Connelly or famously known as Baby Peter only lived around 17 months, the people that took away his life were they people that were supposed to love him the most; his mother and her boyfriend. The story of Peter's tragic and disgusting death shocked the whole country, not only because he was an innocent little boy but because no kid deserves the kind of pain he's been put through. Everyone is wondering who is behind this terrible death of the boy if it's just his mother and step-father or if others also hurt and abused the boy or if others could have stopped it before it was too late. In the official report it said that there was around 60 visits to the Connelly's house in the space of only 8 months, from the social workers, police and others and yet nobody noticed the dirty clothes and the disgusting, filthy habitat the boy had to live in, and worse nobody noticed the bruises, cuts and other signs of abuse. Considering Mr Connelly has been arrested before for abuse of the boy and when she got out of jail she got her son back. Isn't that a little stupid? People can change but she had all the visits from the social workers to make sure that she wasn’t making the same mistakes again. So how could they miss the fact the boy was being abused once again. Did they not see the pain and fear in him, the home of Mrs Connelly was described to be dirty, messy and smelly. Did the social workers miss this or did they just not care? You should only have a baby if you know you can give it all it needs; a clean home is one of the most important things. The 17 months old baby had over 50 different injuries all over his body, how is it possible that none of the people who visited 60 times noticed? Their neighbours they must have heard crying or screaming, how could you live with yourself if you knew there was a baby in pain next door and you did nothing about it. However, someone must have cared because they did have a couple police visits, and did the police not see the...
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