"People Are Basically Good" - Proof to the Contrary

Topics: Soviet Union, World War II, Joseph Stalin Pages: 3 (1107 words) Published: May 5, 2008
Many present day philosophies and worldviews claim people are basically good and that bad or immoral behavior is the exception. The Bible states quite the opposite - that “They are evil, wicked, and greedy, as well as mean in every possible way. They want what others have, and they murder, argue, cheat, and are hard to get along with. They gossip, say cruel things about others, and hate God. They are proud, conceited, and boastful, always thinking up new ways to do evil. (Romans 1 29-30)” Because of this fact, people need a Savior in order to be acceptable to God. In contrast, the implication of the "people are good" worldview is that good people don't need a Savior. Likewise, the examples of human atrocities, communism and outright greed show that mankind as a whole is evil.

If you examine the atrocities perpetrated by people within the last century, you find an enormous number of murders. Prior, as well as during the Second World War, Adolph Hitler killed six million Jewish people on his path to creating the perfect Aryan race. Between 1929 and 1939 Joseph Stalin killed as many as twenty million Soviet citizens because they were not “politically correct". Mao Tse-tung killed thirty-five to sixty million Chinese during the Chinese civil war of the 1930s and 1940s on his quest for Communist rule. The leader of the Marxist regime in Cambodia, Kampuchea Pol Pot, in the 1970's killed over 1.7 million of his own people. These do not include all the people killed in "legitimate" wars. “Legitimate” wars referring to the wars these men got involved with, claiming it was for the protection of their people, but in reality were just spreading propaganda. Many would object to this analysis, since they could claim that these atrocities were perpetrated by only a few individuals. However, these individuals could not have done anything if they were not backed by others who agreed with their “values”. The vast majority of Germans willingly followed Adolph Hitler and gave...
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