People’s Attitudes Toward Work

Topics: Time, Work, Holidays Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Nowadays, working is an important thing of life. Working makes life not only exciting but also better. However, people’s attitudes toward work differ. Some attitudes toward work are reflected by the following three types of people: work addict, lazy people at work and neutral people. The first is work addict. For a work addict, work is the one significant and overriding activity in their life. While the work addict spends almost all of their time in work as soon as they are sick; typically any success does not result in pleasure or a reduction in the time and energy they spend on work.  The work addict just keeps right on working and avoiding other activities. Typically a work addict is too preoccupied with work to be involved with friends and family, they severely control and restrict their social life and may even overlook health issues. The work addict may go on a vacation but will do so very reluctantly and, while on the vacation, they are preoccupied with work and are unable to relax and enjoy anything but work. There are some expression of work addict such as they work during the rest, they don’t have really hobbies; especially they feel stress when they don’t work. Moreover, they don’t feel satisfied with their work result. Work addict are relatively small in number. For a lazy people at work, work isn’t the one significant and overriding activity in their life. They aren’t excited at job, they are passive in work and they don’t complete their assignment. They want to wait for things to fall into their lap. Maybe, they lack confidence in their own ability, discipline, excited with job or scare unsuccessful. There are some express of this type of people: they always go to the office late and leave the office soon. They spend almost all time for their hobbies: travels, shopping, sports, … They feel stress when they work. Of course they don’t care about result of work. Of the three types of people,...
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