Topics: Predation, Simon says, The Hunger Games Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Draft 3 January-08-13

Dear Emma,

I finally got to know you better,at first you were a strangerto me,now I know you alot about you.Just letting you know my best friend Raisa has your identical twin sister "Sophie".I got to know your sister too. Raisa said on her letter that she likes the hunger games but she doesntlike the hunger games but i love the hunger games I saw the movie it was so cool.My favourite color is purple, blue, pink, and white,but mostly purple. My favourite sport is Vollyball,and Bordenball because im really good at using my hand.I want to be an emergency room doctor too because I also want to help people who ahve mental situations.That is a hard decision,well, I would go to New York City,because I myself have never seen the Statue of Librety in my whole life.Chicago is fabulous if you the Sears Tower its awseome.I loved it over there.I would travel all around the world because i want to find alot of stuff and learn about them.

ave you been to Kerney I did on September 24.My class and two other classes , Ms.Ciobanu,and Mr.Pond class went to Kerney.I remember this funny moment that while i was going to kerney one of my classmate sang Wheels on the Bus go around,It was so funny it is a good thing I didnt sing it.When we arrived to kerney I meet and Sue they were so funny to be with. I did the Wolf Howl,Prediator and Prey,Pond Studies and Simon Says in a Olympic way.In Wolf Howl I went up a mountain and I howled three or four times, then i think I saw a wolf on the same mountain. It was hiding behind the bush.While we were doing the Wolf Howl, lets just say one of the the teachers stinked a bomb.In Predator and Prey we palyed in the woods.I was a Big Herbivore.It was like the people were animals,and they had lives and they would eat you.In Pond Studies we had to search for some creatures...
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