Penny Synthesis Essay

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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The time is finally here for the Penny to take that big trip to one of Florida’s sunny retirement homes. Our pennies are near three centuries old, long past the decent age of retirement. Our country long ago retired the half-penny. Its time that we, as a country, united, retire our penny. Pennies seem to be more trouble than they are worth.

When we go to the airport or into a courthouse, we have the offensive task of emptying our pockets of all the inconvenient change, car keys, and anything else we could potentially use to attack one another. That one straggling penny in our pocket is forever helping us meet security. “That’s why you see ‘penny cups’ next to every cash register; they save the seller time and the buyer the inconvenience of lugging around loose change that tears holes in pockets and now sets off alarms at every frisking-place” (Source C).

According to Source B our nation loses over $15 billion per year due to this “copper-coated scourge” (Lewis). That senseless jingling(Safire) in our pocketS adds up-- to loss of money. Our precious time is wasted when we must wait. Cashiers wait for us to look in our pockets and find either near-exact change or pocket lint. The person behind us is tapping her foot anxiously as we dig through our six or seven pockets until that glorious moment when we find our penny!

Edmund Knowles, an extraordinary saver featured in Ric Kahn’s article “figures he has saved . . . “Edmund Knowles figures he has saved an average of about 90 pennies a day for the last 38 years... That would be 1,308,459 pennies, or $13,084.59” [B]. Coinstar recycled his pennies after half a lifetime. Edmund saved enough to buy a near-new used car. Edmund saved his pennies, which meant they weren’t circulating for those 38 years. “Abolish the Penny” from the New York Times exaggerates that “two-third of them[pennies] immediately drop out of circulation, into piggy banks.” Mr. Knowles amongst many other citizens has a piggy bank....