Penn State Scandal

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Penn State Scandal

* Opening statement
* Explain allegations of former employees
Jerry Sandusky:
* Former Penn State Defensive Coordinator
* Was arrested and charged with 40 counts of sexual abuse of young boys over 15 years * Some of the abuse took place on the Penn State campus
* Second Mile
Graham Spanier:
* Former President of Penn State University
* Supported Athletic Director Tim Curley and Senior Vice President Gary Schultz Tim Curley:
* Former Athletic Director at Penn State University
* Covered up the sex allegations that occurred at Penn State * Perjury Charges
Gary Schultz:
* Former Senior Vice President at Penn State University
* Covered up the sex allegations that occurred at Penn State * Perjury Charges
Joe Paterno:
* Former head football coach at Penn State University
* Reported incident to athletic director
* No charges against him currently
Mike Mcqueary:
* Wide Receivers coach at Penn State university
* Witnessed incident in 2002 and reported to Paterno
* Paid Leave
Jim Calhoun:
* Former janitor at Penn State
* Witnessed a Sandusky incident in 2000
* Failed to report
* Closing Statement
* Where does Penn State go from here
On November 4 a grand jury indicted former Penn State employee Jerry Sandusky on 40 counts of sex crimes against young boys. An investigation began three years ago when Mr. Sandusky allegedly had inappropriate contact with a 15 year old boy over a four year span. In 2009 the victim’s mother reported the incident to the police and a grand jury began their investigation. In the findings of the grand jury report multiple witnesses stated that these incidents took place on the campus of Penn State University. Former Penn State employee Jim Calhoun who at the time was a janitor, witnessed Mr. Sandusky performing a sex act on young boy who as pinned up against the wall in the football shower room. Calhoun reported what he witnessed to authorities but nothing ever was done in fear of losing their jobs. Two years later in 2002, Graduate Assistant football coach Mike Mcqueary witnessed a young boy being subject to anal sex with Sandusky in the showers on the Penn State football complex. Mcqueary in disbelief of what he saw immediately called his father and told what he just witnessed. His father recommended that he tell head coach Joe Paterno of the incident. When Coach Paterno was made aware of these allegations he told the Tim Curley, who was the Athletic Director at the time. He told Mr. Curley that a Graduate Assistant coach witnessed Mr. Sandusky and a young boy having sex in the shower of the football complex. About 10 days later Mr. Curley and Senior Vice President Gary Schultz had a meeting with Mcqueary about what he witnessed that night. Both Curley and Schultz reassured that they would look further into it and that they would take further action. Mr. Mcqueary was never questioned by campus police or any other entity until he had to testify in the grand jury report in 2010. Besides the two incidents involving two victims that we were witnessed on the Penn State campus, six other victims have alleged Mr. Sandusky of sexual abuse bring the total number of victims eight. JERRY SANDUSKY

Mr. Sandusky began as a Penn State football coach in 1966 as a graduate assistant and eventually was promoted to defensive coordinator in 1977. Sandusky coached for 22 more seasons until he abruptly retired in 1999 so he could spend more time with his charity group the Second Mile. The Second Mile is a non-profit organization that helps the underprivileged youth and support for their parents. It is there where supposedly Mr. Sandusky was meeting his victims. All eight victims were participants in the Second Mile organization.

Several incidents that should have been cause for concern for the university were never...
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