Penn Foster Writing Exam #1

Topics: Employment, Minimum wage, High school Pages: 3 (695 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Paragraph 1
Dear Mrs. Penny Hoffstetter (Human Resources Manager),
I am applying for the position of medical receptionist at Cooper, Wolowitz, and Associates at your Ephrata location. I am most interested in applying for this position with your office for the weekly hours, salary package, sign-on bonus, and medical benefits package. The office hours are great being Monday through Friday 7:30am to 4pm and one Saturday a month 7am to 3pm. The salary package is pretty inviting with $13.50 an hour, Holiday pay for all major holidays worked, and 1 week paid vacation after 1 year of employment. The sign-on bonus of $1,500.00 after 6 months of employment is an added plus. The medical benefits package consisting of medical, Dental, vision, and workman’s compensation is also an added plus being extremely affordable. Secondly, I became very motivated and excited to work in the Medical Administrative field because of a family member whom I was very close to. My Great-Aunt was a very positive and influential person in my life who taught me to follow my dreams and always stop to help others. She always taught me that the medical field was a growing and awarding field to work within which ever branch you decided to work in. My Great-Aunt always said “To work with in the medical field in any aspect will always fill your heart and life with joy.” This has always stuck with me as I grew up and when it came to deciding which path to take in life I always thought back to what she said. I realized I would love to be in the medical field because I love working with growing families, our aging population, different kinds of other people, and mainly because I love the office aspect of the field. I feel I would be a vital asset to your team of office workers because I am very good with computers, well organized/detail oriented, an effective communicator, and work very well with others.

Kimberly J. Cook

Paragraph 2

Hey Liberty,
I am so glad you...
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