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  • Published : October 11, 2012
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Paragraph 1

I am writing in response to your recent job posting for a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist, at your Mary Rutan Hospital location. I have recently graduated from PennFoster with a Diploma in Medical Billing and Coding, and feel that with my knowledge and understanding of the programing I would make an excellent candidate for the position. As stated in the job posting, this position is responsible for: auditing patient medical records, assignment of ICD-9 diagnosis codes and CPT-4 procedure codes to patient records, and communicating the correct information to the patient and insurance companies as needed. As a child I was diagnosed with a severe case of asthma, as a result I was in and out of your hospital, several times a year, for various treatments. Watching and listening to my parents deal with the insurance company and your billing department developed my interest in the field of medical billing and coding. Your billing department was very helpful and understanding throughout the process. They were able to answer all the questions on what was covered and not covered through my parents insurance. Attending Penn Foster has helped me develop the skills that are necessary to become a medial biller and coder. Along with the skills acquired from my classes, I am a very hard worker; I have a team-oriented work ethic; I work well under pressure; and I have great communication skills. If given an opportunity to show you my skills I know that you won’t be disappointed. I know that I would be a very valuable employee in your billing department serving the needs of the patients and insurance companies.

Paragraph 2
I wanted to let you know that there is a job opening at Mum-2-Mum’s, the company that I am employed with, for an administrative assistant. My boss, Mrs. Mumson, is looking for someone who is a hard worker, punctual, and very detail oriented. As the administrative assistant you would be responsible for scheduling appointments,...