Topics: Bird, Penguin, Ocean Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: January 7, 2013
WOW!! Did you know that sometimes penguin mate's can't get along ,and when this happens they "divorce" one another and look for new mates. Well it's true, i'm Norma Appollos,if you want to know more interesting things about penguins like,appearance,habitat,prey/predator,mating and cool facts,you've got to read my essay. Prepare yourself for some knock out stuff about penguins. Penguins don't look like other birds but they are. They have sharp beaks just like toucans. Penguins have solid bones that allow it to dive into water, unlike most birds,which have hollow bones to help them fly. They are covered in fur,a penguin fleshy spikes on it's tongue and inside it's mouth to help it hold onto slippery food,and penguins have smooth stream lined body which helps it to travel quickly through the water. So you see penguins are birds. It's just that millions of years ago penguins flippers were wings,but now they are shaped like paddles for swimming. Penguins don't just live in the Arctic. Penguins live on the coasts of America,South Africa,New Zealand,Australia,Chile,Peru,and the Galapagos islands,all of these places are south of the equator. Penguin homes differ; some are cool places where trees and plants grow,others warm dry areas. Many penguins live in Antarctica where the land is always covered in ice and snow. Penguins spend most of their time in the oceans around their homes many enjoy swimming in oceans because the water is cool,or cold. Penguins live all over the world,if you keep your eye open you just might see one. Penguins are carnivores,they hunt their food. Penguins eat squid,fish and krill,all of their prey in underwater. They dive fro their prey and grab it with their sharp beak. A penguins mouth,throat,and stomach stretch allowing it to swallow it's prey whole. A penguin can swallow prey that is almost as big as itself! Birds such as skuas,sheathbills,and gulls snatch penguins eggs and babies from their nests,birds also kill weak and old...
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