Penguin Essay

Topics: Bird, Penguin, Antarctica Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: December 17, 2012
I’m an penguin and I live in the polar ice biome. We are birds with black and white feathers. Unlike most birds we don’t fly. We spend about 75% of our time underwater, searching for food in the ocean. We are one of about 40 species of flightless birds. We are known for their white bellies and dark-colored backs and wings. Our body is designed for swimming, and includes tapering at both ends of the body for hydrodynamics, paddle-like wings and web-shaped feet. Our largest subspecies is the Emperor penguin, which is an average of about 45 inches tall (114 centimeters) and weighs 90 pounds (41 kilograms). We eat only seafood, including krill, squid and various fish, because we don’t have teeth, and swallow them whole. We use our pointy beaks to catch the prey and our textured tongues to hold onto the food while we swallow it. We, penguins live in the polar ice biome, and typically live in secluded areas where there is minimal threats from land predators. The Emperor and Adélie penguins are found on the ice of Antarctica. Of our 17 species of penguins on Earth, 13 of our species are considered either threatened or endangered. We, shed our feathers and grow new ones every year during a two to three week period. These are just some interesting and basic facts about us. The process of our lives includes: The breeding process, the brooding period, the growing stage, and the mature penguin. In January to March we’re feeding. In April we march to rookery. In May we’re mating. During June and July the males incubate eggs. During August the eggs hatch. In September to October we’re feeding the chicks. Chicks form groups to stay warm during October to November. In December adults leave, chicks fledge, and ice breaks up. Penguins have interactions...
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