Penghu: Saying No to Casinos

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Say no to casino
Taiwan recently passed a law about the construction of the off-shore islands; among the islands, whether we should build a casino in Penghu has become a matter of debates. Some people think that we should build a casino in Penghu, but others believe that it’s better for Penghu to keep its original style and features. In my opinion, we should not build a casino there. Building a casino in Penghu will definitely not a sound investment and the crime rate will rise sharply. First, building a casino in Penghu is absolutely a terrible boondoggle and the investment will be in vain. Since Penghu is at an inconvenient location, it is difficult to attract gamblers. Unlike Genting Highlands of Malaysia and Cheju island of South Korea, the public transportation system in Penghu is not well developed and has only a small domestic airport. Besides that, Penghu is rather close to Macau. I believe that many gamblers will go to casinos in Macau instead of visiting Penghu because the casinos in Macau are famous, glorious and at a good location. And after having fun in the casinos of Macau, gamblers can also go sightseeing in China. Because the location of Penghu is poor and it is not well-known, it will extremely hard for Penghu’s casino to make a profit. Building a casino there may not able to attract many visitors and thus the government’s investment will end in failure. Building casinos may also make the crime rate rise. Casinos are usually full of all kinds of gamblers and involve a considerable number of money-related issues, so some crimes such as robbery, violence, stealing and threats may be on the increase. These crimes will surely make the public order worse and worse. “The most beautiful paradise in Taiwan.” The term that we use to describe Penghu will soon be replaced by “The most notorious island in Taiwan.” if we neglect this problem. I strongly stand against building a casino in Penghu because I would hate to see the tax we pay to the...
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