Pendulum Measurement

Topics: Pendulum, Orders of magnitude, Units of measurement Pages: 3 (484 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Course: Pendulum Measurements

Unit # 1 Lesson # 1

Does the Length of the Pendulum affect the number of swings ?

string ,tape ,washer
Stop watch
Meter stick, paper ,pencil

Introduction :

I am doing a study to find out if the length of a Pendulum will affect the number of swings. We usually see pendulums in Grandfather clocks. It is the weight that swings back and forth. I will be changing the length of the string ,but never the weight .


I am going to say, that while doing this experiment that as the length of the string decreases , the speed of the pendulum will increase.


1. Got my string and measured the lengths . I marked the string at 80c ,70cm, 60cm all the way to 30 cm. This makes it easier to keep working . 2. Find a table that has a hang over on the side. This way the pendulum can swing freely. 3. Tape the string to the top of the table. Tie a knot at the end of the string and place the washer in the knot. 4. Get someone to help you with the stop watch. Set it for one minute. Now, pull the string back at 10 cm and let go. Do not push the pendulum just let it go freely. Count the complete swings out and back makes one complete swing. 5. Write down the number of swings per minute.

6. Contiunue until you have reached the 30 cm mark .


The pendulum experiment gave the following results.

Pendulum Length Number of Complete Swing in one minute
80 cm
8 swings in 14 seconds
70 cm 9 swings in 11 seconds
60 cm12 swings in 12 seconds
50 cm13 swings in 13 seconds
40 cm15 swings in 14 seconds
30 cm17 swings in 15 seconds


So, in this experiment , I am changing the length of the pendulum to determine if the number of swings will...
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