Pegasus International Marketing Plan

Topics: Marketing, Marketing strategy, Management Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: June 15, 2011
Pegasus Sports International marketing plan is simple and easy to understand. The plan is complete and includes all the necessary elements: -Executive summary
-Situation Analysis
-Marketing Strategy
-Financial projections
-Implementation Controls

It communicates its content clearly and practically. The company understands what its target group wants and what they value, helping the company to package their product in a manner they can relate to. The situation analysis gives detailed background knowledge of the organisation, and the marketplace within it operates. It presents relevant background data on the market and the various forces in the macroenvironment This knowledge forms the basis for creating informed and effective marketing strategies and to carry out the SWOT analysis.The plan is specific with concrete and measurable objectives. It opens with a brief summary of the main goals and recommendations (e.g. Market growth, brand awareness and so on). It includes specific actions and activities, each with specific dates of completion and specific person responsible. The plan is quite realistic and a sales forecast, an expense forecast and a break-even analysis have been included. On the revenue side, the projections show the forecasted sales volume by month and product category. On the expenses side, they show the expected costs of marketing, broken down into finer categories. The last section outlines the controls for monitoring and adjusting implementation of the plan. It spells out the goals and budget. There's also a contingency plan outlining the steps management would take in response to specific environmental developments , such as a strike. It defines the mission, marketing and financial objectives, and groups and needs that the market offerings are intended to satisfy.
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