Pegasus International Inc.

Topics: Business ethics, Integrity, Corporate crime Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: January 24, 2011
Pegasus International Inc.
From what I understand from Peagsus’s ethical values as a corporation, the business venture into China should not be engaged. Engaging this business venture would create potential for $100 million increase in annual profit because there is a huge demand in the Chinese market for wireless technology, and Pegasus has all the resources to meet this demand. Although this would be an excellent business decision, Tom Oswald the current CEO has already built a culture of integrity into the company, and that culture should not be compromised. In the first stages of when a corporation is formed, decisions are made about their business model and corporate responsibility. I think that in order for a company to be successful, it is very important for that company decide on a set of core ethical values and stick to those values no matter what circumstance arises. Currently Pegasus International has been building a corporate culture characterized by honesty, high integrity, teamwork, and respect for the individual, and making bribes would violate these core values that has made Pegasus a successful corporation so far. Tom Oswald is potentially worried about losing his job as the CEO if he doesn’t accept this obvious business decision, but I think it is very important for the CEO as the leader of the company to set the tone at the top. If he decides to use bribes in doing his business, then everyone below him will assume that illegal actions are accepted in Pegasus. This could only lead to additional illegal actions taken by the employees, which eventually will make Pegasus violate the core ethical values that it has already established in its current business practices. Tom Oswald will also violate all of his personal values of honesty and integrity, if he engages in this business practice. It is important for Tom to recognize that people usually pay attention to the non-verbal actions more than the verbal actions. If he does engage in bribery,...
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