Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Drug abuse Pages: 7 (2411 words) Published: December 3, 2012
“People need role models and idols. They offer essential help and orientation, for children and adolescents…They are the substance from which dreams are made; they make the world more lively and colorful, and they bring sparkle and glamour into the workday routine” (Biskup & Pfisher, 1999). In today’s society, many athletes and celebrities are role model to by children of all ages. Athletes give off an aroma of charisma and confidence. Many athletes became popular and well known because they appear on television performing a sport or advertising a product. In addition, in general many professional athletes make more money than the working citizen does. Which is another reason why society holds them to a much higher standard. Professional athletes are also scrutinizing for being over paid and irresponsible. However, student athletes participate in support programs, give back to the community and have certain qualities that make them positive role models. While others may state the same claim about student athletes as they do professional athletes, I believe student athletes can be positive role models to children. History supports the inference that sports players have been adored since ancient Greece. When the Olympic Games first began in Greece, they were known as rituals. Wars between feuding lands would stop to see these glory games because each land wanted to see their heroes reach new heights and defend their land. “All through history sporting performance and success had been the substance from substance from which heroes were made (true men as they were called)” (Biskup & Pfisher, 1999). Hence, these players were honored for their performance with crowns made of coral reefs. So many citizens wanted to be a player because being an Olympic winner meant that they were a demi god. This meant an individual more powerful than a mere mortal who had a better chance of being accepted into the heavens on mountain Olympus with the rest of the gods. Now, the modern Olympic, games are played throughout the whole world instead of just Greece. The games are played to show off what ones country can do, unite the countries around the world, and maintain peace between them. The players are still honored how they were during ancient times, however now they are given a metal and the title of a world champion. The spectators who watch these events still adore the players but for different reasons. They want to show pride to their Nation. They want to be the first to do something incredible, set world records, and be remembered forever. We as a nation, have moved past the ancient times and modern Olympics players to the ultimate franchise player. These players do not play to honor their gods or for the respect of the country or nation, but for “bragging rights”. The players are given wealth, fame, and power for their service to the sport. Mainly children witness this at a young age and want everything that these players have. Therefore, many children mock what they see favorite player doing and hope to be great athletes. One way children do this is by becoming student athletes and being a role model to others. A student athlete can be a positive role model to others by possessing responsibility, similar to professional athletes. Thus, student athletes are involved in support programs. These programs include National Colligate Athletic Association (NCAA) program, Athletes Coaching Teens for substance abuse (ACT) program, and the drugs in support program. These programs were established to help young people build character and responsibility by viewing college athlete’s behaviors. The NCAA (National Colligate Athletic Association) has developed a program called the “Choice” program. The “Choice” program encourages student athletes to help with the efforts to educate fellow students on the use of alcohol. Sub categories in the choices programs are the Apple conferences and the SAM (student athlete mentor) program. The Apple...
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