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By | November 2012
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The Arab Spring, the Occupy Movement, Los Indignados, and similar uprisings around the world demonstrate that a new, open society and open democracy is struggling to rise from the bottom up. But the internet has been captured by giant corporations whose business models are based on centralized infrastructure, proprietary technology, user surveillance and censorship, and unilateral terms of service. These developments threaten the success of our collective aspirations.

The PeerPoint Open P2P Requirements Definition and Design Specification Proposal describes an evolving, crowdsourced design specification for sovereign computing in the form of a suite of inter-operating peer-to-peer (p2p) applications to include (but not limited to) social networking, real-time project collaboration, content management, distributed database management, voting, trust/reputation metrics, complementary currency, crowdfunding, and others. This specification overlaps with existing p2p projects but also goes substantially beyond anything currently in the pipeline.

The PeerPoint Open Design Specification is not meant to replace or down-play existing p2p initiatives. It is intended to complement such efforts by providing an open vehicle for cross-community collaboration involving users and developers alike and by working to facilitate technical interoperability and synergy between open P2P implementations. PeerPoint aims to involve a broad base of stakeholders to jointly:

identify detailed user requirements across a broad range of social and digital collaboration needs document best practices and solution sets favored by the technical community make informed and detailed correlations between the requirements and prefered solutions

The project is intended to clarify and prioritize what the user community needs from the technical community, in order to prevail in the social, political, and economic struggles facing our digital society now and in coming...

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