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By | October 2012
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3rd October 2012 Wed @ Kuya John-John Internet Café Sunday Essays: In defense of Mindanao
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“MY NAME is Khan and I am not a terrorist.”This line is from the film “My Name is Khan,” a movie about a Muslim man in a quest to meet the President of the United States to tell him those very words. He wanted the world to know that not all Muslims are of notorious intentions. Whenever I think of Khan, I am reminded of a certain group of people: the Mindanaoans. For the past years, Mindanao has been projected by the media as the most dangerous place in the Philippines. It was labeled as a warzone, murder capital, the list could go on and on. All these were brought about by the seemingly endless war among the different rebel groups and the government. True, Mindanao is the home for all Moro Liberation Front, Communist guerillas, Abu Sayyaf, etc. But it is not the entire island of Mindanao they occupy. They only live in some specific parts and the wars are not happening in the entire island. The generalization done by the media about Mindanao makes its people raise their brows. Because of the sensationalized stories from the national press, tourists are discouraged to pay a visit to Mindanao for the fear of abduction, chaos or any form of danger. The Mindanaoan Press has been finding ways for so long now to carry their message to put an end to the sensationalism of stories about Mindanao by the media people in the northern part of the country especially the ones from Luzon. Unfortunately, their cries have fallen on deaf ears. Until now, the national press continues to make Mindanao appear like a giant deathbed to anyone who dares to enter. It’s sad to know that these stories come from the sector of society who believes that no story is...

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