Peer Pressure Essay

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  • Published : January 6, 2009
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Many people feel the need to desire and succeed in their lifetime, by attending college and fulfilling their goals in life. If you want to succeed in life well then you have to go to college. Some people say that colleges are too expensive. Should colleges be free? Not all people will agree that all colleges should be free, because everyone has their own opinion on things. For my opinion, I do agree that colleges shouldn’t be free because all colleges need money. In order to receive money they need students to pay. Some people might not want to go to college for the expenses; so many people decide not to go.

Colleges shouldn’t be free because if college students don’t pay the college won’t have enough for desks, professors, school equipment etc, then how is the college going to afford to pay for the professors, and the colleges needs to pay for the professors because they need money to support their family or themselves. Therefore I think that college shouldn’t be free so students can fundraise and help make and create that college a better place, so student can be prepared for their future. If students don’t pay for books, then how are they going to learn, how is it going to be a learning environment without books? How are the students going to pass their classes without books? If students don’t pay for the college their attending, how is that college going to afford to pay for desks and colleges need desk so the students can be focused on learning. If they do not have desk’s to sit on, then students might not be completely focused on learning.

Colleges should be free because many people can’t afford to pay for lab fees, units, books, dorms, classes etc. People say that we need more doctors, teachers, lawyers etc. In our lifetime but if many people decide not to go to college because of the payments. How are we all going to have a successful life? In order to make all of our possibilities real then we need more colleges to be free so more people will attend....
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