Peer Pressure

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Peer Pressure
“Come on grab it hurry just grab it, it’s easy to steal the video game and I will let you play it first hurry, and grab it.” Peer pressure is basically someone around you who is trying to get you to do something you are not comfortable with, or something that is against your standards. For instance trying to get you to smoke, or drink with them is something you may not be okay with.

Although some might say all peer pressure is bad I would argue that because peer pressure can be good. Also my reasons are: your peer is someone around your age and someone who has thing in common with you. Your peer can pressure you in to doing something good like if you were drinking beer and they help you stop that’s good peer pressure. They want you to feel safe, and also they want you to do good things. Also the reason I pick to talk about that not all peer pressure is bad is because I do want people to know that not all of its bad. Someone could try to make you do something bad like drink, smoke, or do drugs. They could try to get you to do good stuff like if you wanted to cut your hair and you didn’t know what to pick, and they could help you see not all peer pressure is bad. Think about it.

Well my conclusions statement is the reason this is so important is because pressuring someone to do something is not cool maybe it’s cool to your friends but it’s not to the person who is getting pressured so if you wouldn’t want to be pressured to doing something nether do they and that is my conclusion statement.
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