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Peer Pressure

By | November 2008
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Peer pressure is found everywhere! There is no one place safe from peer pressure, unless of course you suddenly decide to seclude yourself to a barren island in the middle of the ocean; oh yes and we can’t forget bob the volley ball, he would be your best friend. With no real incentive to change your outlook on life but a few animals and a volley ball to alter your thinking, it would be a naturally easy life; although we don’t live that life. We live in a reality with people by the hundred’s crowding the street’s money hungry and greedy. With the horrible mix of power and greed enveloping our people we encounter the issue of peer pressure. Usually taking place within the confines of transactions in this thunderous existence of ours. The effects of peer pressure can vary and consist upon the topics of which we understand to be emotional, physical, mental pressure. The unwanted feeling someone may acquire from peer pressure is caused typically by avoidance and small distinct changes in one’s attitude. Depression goes hand and hand with how unwanted one may feel; depression, if you want to be technical is the one that starts the fire in such situations; depression is the cause and sole purpose if you will. Emotional pain can lead into a sorrowful life due to mistakes because of one past action because one so crudely decided to act in a certain manor. This ties into many different other topics, although with the thought of it to understand anything such as resulting in any type of pain, one must understand the soul of pain; which we have yet to come across as a people. The worst of peer pressure is exposed in the light of relative incidents contributing to physical damage. “Nick hung out with a gang every day, then one day he got stabbed” Peer pressure can lead one to think something is something that it’s not, and take action on it. Why is this misconstrued? It is like seeing a mirage at the end of the sand mountain, you see a water fountain and you believe it’s...

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