Peer Pressure

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Peer pressure is one of the cause of teenage depression. It often leads to feeling out of place in one’s group of friends thus feeling isolated and lack of confidence. How can one deal with peer pressure?


Peer pressure is a norm in a teenager’s life, but how can we cope with it? Peer pressure is often felt by the teens who are bullied, socially awkward, and loners. People our age don’t have quite an idea that some of their decisions are mostly influenced by their peers. Our decisions as of this age group aren’t clear whether they are right or not like, for example, whether to play soccer or basket ball. Moreover those decisions which involve one’s morality like drinking or smoking. Peers can have a positive influence on us, but they, too, can cause a negative outcome. Positive influence may involve reading a book that everyone in your age group is reading. Negative influence on the other hand involves morality.



Peer pressure causes depression in some teens. What could be the possible help in order for them not to feel as if they are out of place? Is there a possible action for us not to affected by peer pressure?



This study aims to answer the following:

-What is peer pressure?
-What are the effects of peer pressure?
-Who are usually affected by peer pressure?
-How can one deal with the effects of peer pressure?
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