Peer Preasure

Topics: Girl, Boy Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: December 3, 2012
In my opinion, peer pressure isn't something you want to be around. Peer pressure is when people in your age group try to influence you into changing your beliefs, change your behavior, or your attitude. Peer pressure usually occurs at school, sometimes in a big group of friends, or maybe even at parties. In this past week I've heard some kinds of peer pressure. The first thing I heard this week was in PE. I was playing basketball and a group of boys was sitting on the bleachers talking to me. One boy was talking about how he smoked. Nothing was really said for awhile, then it got brought up again. He turned and asked a boy behind him if he smoked, the boy said no. Then he proceeded to say the boy was a "pussy" for not smoking, because real men smoked. If you can't tell, it was a group of younger boys. But the boy that was called the name just walked away and didn't give in or was any where near influenced. The second thing I heard was in class. A group of girls beside me was talking about how they were going to "smoke" that upcoming weekend. They was trying to get the fourth girl it on it. She was really skeptical, but eventually I heard her giving in. Last but not least, the third thing I heard was in Rosiclare. This happened to me not long ago. I had been really upset over some issues, and my friend asked me to hang out with him because he knew I was upset. I found out that he has different ways of handling stress then I do. I was really shocked when I found out what he was doing to try to make himself happy. I'm not going to go too much into detail, but I will say it's worse then drinking and smoking all together. But I'm proud to say I didn't give in, and I let time handle my situation.
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