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Topics: Suicide, Death, Suffering Pages: 3 (1106 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Assisted Suicide
Janice Dean
PHI 200: Mind and Machine
Instructor: Andrew Stave
April 16, 2012

Assisted Suicide
Assisted suicide and responding to difficult tragic issues are personal. According to Mosser, (2010), “a person is 99% certain to die within a certain time, but before that death naturally occurs, the patient is kept alive only to suffer. Doesn't it make more sense to allow that person to avoid that suffering, and voluntarily choose a somewhat earlier painless death? What purpose is served, in other words, by keeping a person alive only to experience constant, agonizing pain” (p. 2.3)? Descriptions of personal issues and not laws are formed from personal experiences, feelings and emotions. The question is "What is the response to assisted suicide? After reading about Wolfs’ father's death, confronted with the problems that occurred at the end of his life, and challenges Wolf had to consider, such as her views on assisted suicide, and I understand the difficult choices made and the reasons. It was family.

To start it is a firm belief that assisted suicide should be legal. No one condones shooting or killing another person or, his or her family, and this is not considered suicide, and it is murder. I do not believe a loved one should have to suffer needlessly, especially if it is his or her decision. Supporting a person’s decision to end his or her life; relieving that person of a painful existence, or other related issues is complicated but assisted suicide should be a choice. People, who have incurable diseases and live painfully, should be allowed to commit suicide. This statement is bold, and many questions are not answered about how to proceed on the issue of assisted suicide. However, I do believe that “Life” is a valuable gift and should not be taken...
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