“Peer Group Influence in Relation to the Academic Performance"

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Man is a social being who derives satisfaction from belonging to a group, it creates a feeling of general well-being in individual. Students cluster together inside the campus this informal group is regarded as “peer groups”. Peer influence on behavior gradually becomes more dominant. Harris (1998, 2002) and Rowe (1994) maintained that peer groups have an even stronger influence than that of parents, although that extreme position has been refuted by other researchers (Berk, 2005).

According to Castrogiovanni (2002), a peer group is defined as a small group of similarly aged, fairly close friends, sharing the same activities. In general, peer groups or cliques have two to twelve members, with an average of five or six. Peer groups provide a sense of security and they help adolescents to build a sense of identity.

Hurlock (11975:180) the influence of a group is intensified by the person’s desire to be an accepted member of the peer group. To achieve this desire he tries to conform in everyday to the patterns approved by the group. When group members are attached to their groups, they are motivated to behave in accordance with the wishes of the group and in ways which would make them accepted, this motivation is attributes to peer group influence.

In school the peer group maybe a dominant factor to consider in academic achievement. Acceptance by the group depends on conformity. Most education takes place in group situations the group’s impacts and influence on its members is so strong that it takes the group as a whole to support the learning process.

A peer group is a learning group most education takes place in group situations the group impact and influence on its members is so strong that it pushes the group as a whole to support a learning process. In spite of this recognized impact of the group influence on learning, there seem to be very few studies and researches done to indicate how powerful a group influences an individual.

Peer group may result either positively or negatively for example, both high and low academic achievements are closely linked to peer influence. Several studies confirm research findings that value of the peer group with whom the students spends most time are stronger factor in students level of academic success than the values, attitudes, and support provided by the family compared to others who started with the same grades, students whose families were not especially supported, but who spent time with academically oriented peer group go better grades. Peer groups provide a place where an individual feels accepted, themselves, and where their self-esteem is enhanced.

It is hoped, therefore, that this study will shed light of some unanswered questions about peer influence on academic performance and at the same time contribute to the understanding and formation of healthy attitude towards peer and school in general.

I. Statement of the Problem

The study is designed to measure the positive and negative effects of peer influence to the selected students of Marketing and Advertising Management of De La Salle University – Dasmarinas. It mainly focuses on how peer influence relates to their academic performances. These will assist parents and counselors to understand the pattern of peer influence and ways to curb the negative and positive effects of the latter.

The purpose of the study is to answer the following questions:

1. What is the concept and nature of peer group?

2. What are the positive and negative effects of peer influence to the selected students?

3. What do peer groups provide for the students (in general)?

4. Does peer influence affect the academic performance of the selected students? In what way(s)?

5. How does it influence the selected students’ motivation and engagement at school?

Scope and Limitation

The study determines the effects of...
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