Peer Evaluation of Presentations

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  • Published : May 8, 2012
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HUMN-432 Peer Evaluation of Presentations

Your Name____ ______________________ Date __________

Title of Presentation Being Reviewed____Group A – Robotic Surgery

Points You Would Award This Group ___150_____/150

Directions: This course asked you to think critically about the broader implications of technology. As such, you are now given the task of thinking and responding critically to the projects and presentations by your peers in this class. For each team, use the following items to note your observations and to offer an analysis and evaluation of how well the team succeeded in its study of the technology and its impact upon society. Please respond using full sentences unless otherwise indicated. (Each numbered item is worth 6 points for a total of 30 points.)

* Areas discussed in relationship to the technology (6 points) * Place a check mark in each box that shows the areas that were discussed in the presentation. * Technology description/science

* History/Context
* Economics
* Political/Legal issues
* Psychology
* Sociology
* Moral issues/Ethics
* Literature/Cinema/Art
* Environmental science
* Religion
* Anthropology
* Mathematical concepts and statistics

* Other ____________________________________________________

* Balance and integration (6 points)
Did the team achieve a good balance in their presentation of material? Were all sections well integrated as part of a cohesive presentation? Explain.

Yes, the group overall had a good balance of information except for presenter number two who I felt was slow delivering there portion and as a result impacted overall the presentation. Other than that, the presentation felt balanced...
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