Pee Relationships

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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|Summary/Themes |Born Yesterday and Nettles | | | |Born Yesterday and Nettles are both written about adults’ thoughts regarding children and how they will survive in the world. | |Born Yesterday explores the poet’s feelings about the birth of his friend’s daughter and rejects traditional, fairytale | |visions of happiness for practical, realistic advice about life skills, whereas Nettles depicts a father’s realisation that he| |cannot protect his young son from all the everyday dangers in the world and his son will inevitably experience pain as he | |grows up. |

|Summary/Themes |Sonnet 116 and Manhunt | | | |Sonnet 116 and The Manhunt are both about the power of romantic love in committed relationships. Sonnet 116 is a declaration | |of love that describes true romantic love as a constant force of nature that does not change as people go through life | |changes, a passion that “looks upon tempests and is never shaken.” Similarly, in The Manhunt the narrator is fully aware of | |the damage done to her lover by warfare, and the changes it has caused in his emotions and appearance, but she is unwavering | |in her love and determined to find again the man she loves, to “feel the hurt of his grazed heart” but still “widening the | |search” for the man inside. |

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