Pee Paragraphs

Topics: English-language films, American films, Left-wing politics Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: April 14, 2013
1st Paragraph
At the beginning of their journey some people of Umuofia made fun about the locusts and the people who refused to come with them. But at later in the sky, “the sun rose slowly to the centre of the sky, birds started to chirrup in the forests, and then from the distance came the faint beating of the ekwe”. It was a peaceful dance and a dance was called an “ozo” dance. The people were very happy and the elusive dance rose between among them with music and dancing and a great feast. For the people Umuofia the locusts are considered a delicious treat among them, so the people gather them to feast on for days. 2nd Paragraph

Ikemefuna had to stay with Okonkwo for three years but he could hardly imagine that Okonkwo was not his real father. “He had never been fond of his real father, but after staying with Okonkwo for few years he had become very distant indeed”. As the time passed he thinks that would he be able to recognize his mother and sister, because her sister must have grown quite big. He was talking about all like how Okonkwo took care of him so well, about Nwoye and his mother, and about the locusts. Then suddenly a thought came upon in his mind that his mother might be dead and he tried to settle the matter the way he used. “He sang a song in his mind, and walked to its beat. If the song ended on the right foot, his mother was alive. If it ended on his left, she was ill. It ended on the right. So she was alive and well”.

3rd Paragraph
Ikemefuna was in the party and the party set out with Ikemefuna carrying the pot of wine, but he hears a whisper close behind him and turned around sharply and the man who had whispered and another man went before Ikemefuna to kill him. “Thus the men with sheathed machetes, and Ikemefuna carrying a pot of palm wine on his head, walked in their midst. He felt uneasy at first but he was not afraid now because Okonkwo walked behind him, he did not know that”. One of the men behind him cleared...
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