Pediatrician: Medical Field

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Strength, determination, and the willingness to learn and help people, if someone possesses these qualities, then this job below would be perfect for them. A pediatrician is a children’s doctor who treats patients from birth to early adulthood. They monitor patients on a yearly basis during which some children require certain immunizations. A pediatrician checks for various medical conditions while also helping to prevent disease, childhood obesity, and other childhood illnesses. When necessary, a pediatrician will refer a patient to another doctor who may specialize in a certain medical field. But there are some skills required to become a doctor of pediatrics. Having great social and speaking skills is essential to having a good relationship between the patient and the doctor. Most children are afraid of seeing the doctor so it is important that they recognize this and act with calmness and kindness. The doctor has to have the ability to listen to the child and understand what the child is saying, and act accordingly.

When in high-school it is important to take the following courses: physics, chemistry, biology, and English composition. These courses will be required when applying in the medical field in college. After high-school it is necessicary to have four years of college, four years of medical school, one year of Pediatric internship, and two years of pediatric residency. Overall it takes eleven years to complete this degree. It is all worth it because of the salary and the future outlooks. On average, the starting hourly wage for a pediatrician is sixty-seven dollars or approximately one hundred and thirty-eight thousand dollars annually, which will most likely increase year after year. Because of the many years of education and degrees, more job opportunities and advancements may become available. While having the opportunity to help people, wealthy living conditions are also available because of the high paying...
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