Pediatric Nursing

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Professional behavior, especially in a hospital setting is crucial in pediatric nursing because it is the manifest in person, acts and attitudes including elements of: 1. what we wear, 2. how we perform,

3. and how we think.

1. Uniforms. Our appearance to the to the children . Dress in professional manor. Smile. Most common notion of showing you are happy to be helping people while doing your job. Give a positive vibe to your patient’s overall experience in a hospital setting 2. Performance

:use care plan skills and techniques
Nursing care plan is followed correctly. Steps ADPIE
:be on point at all times while working, keeping a positive attitude. Nobody likes a debby downer, so as registered nurses we need to maintain a calm, collective attitude. >>RESEARCH: The outcome of a child’s experience depends on if they remember the hospital as a being a good experience, or a bad one. The pediatric nurse makes it a good one with her positive attitude. He or she uses care plan skills and techniques to ensure that the child’s “stay” is a positive one. The pediatric Bad experiences could cause children to perceive pediatric nurses as negative, scary people. :job satisfaction will shine through when you use your positive attiude, making it a positive environment surrounding your patients that are children. 3. Critical thinking is a continuous process pediatric nurses do, just the same as every other registered nurse. Critical thinking is key to success. (NOTES. Unit3) 4. Effective communication between staff and families.

5. You have to just take a deep breath and remain calm in any situation, whether it is an emergency, a unit shortage because the girl on your floor called off. Just stay focused and show the child you are there to help them.

If a child is in pain, we do everything in our hearts to make sure this patient had an overall good stay. PAIN MANAGEMENT ARTICLE>>> Do not give children anxiety when they...
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