Pediatric Astham

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Decreasing Hospitalization of Children with Asthma :
How to decrease hospitalization of children with asthma
Teresa Turner
Western Governor's University
Evidence Based Practice and Applied Nursing Research
Brenda Luther, PhD, RN

Pulmonary Functions of Children with Asthma Improve Following Massage Therapy|Fattah, MD, M. A., & Hamdy, PhD, B. (2001, November 11,2011). Pulmonary Functions of Children with Asthma Improve Following Massage Therapy. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine , 17, 1065-1068.| Background Information |This study is about the effects of massage therapy on pulmonary functions of Egyptian children with stable asthma conducted in the Pediatric Allergy and Chest Unit of the New Children’s Hospital of Cairo University, Egypt. (Fattah & Hamdy, 2001, p. 1065)| Review of Literature|The author states the cost of and side effects of the standard asthma treatment encouraged researchers to seek new therapeutic modalities for treatment of this illness. Trying a new complementary therapy, massage, involves manipulating body parts with pressure, tension, motion, or vibration. This study was based on a similar study in Florida on 32 children with asthma and reported improvement in pulmonary functions with massage. The author felt that more studies had to be performed in order to build evidence for or against massage therapy in pediatric asthma patients and results in pulmonary functions. (Fattah & Hamdy, 2001, p. 1065)| Methodology|The author conducted a Quantitative study of 60 children, ages 9-15 with stable Asthma. The children were divided into two equal groups, one receiving massage therapy for 20 minutes every night for 5 weeks and standard asthma treatment while the other group received only the asthma treatment.(Fattah & Hamdy, 2001, p. 1066)| Data Analysis |Spirometry was performed on the first and last days of the study, forced expiratory flow in the first second and forced vital capacity and peak expiratory flow were recorded. At the end of the study, mean FEV1 of the massage therapy group was significantly higher than the control group. (Fattah & Hamdy, 2001, p. 1066)| Conclusion |At the end of the trial we see that massage therapy in pediatric asthma plays a beneficial role. It improved the key pulmonary functions of the children, particularly in Forced expiratory volumes and the forced expiratory volume/ forced vital capacity ratio. It states that massage offers an array of benefits for the child and parents, especially in developing countries where specialized allergy clinics are few and overloaded. (Fattah & Hamdy, 2001, p. 1067)|

Based on analysis of the five areas the evidence presented in the research report does support the conclusion. The conclusion states that massage therapy plays a beneficial role in the treatment of pediatric asthma by improving pulmonary function tests. Statistical data supports the effects of massage therapy where pulmonary function tests were performed on all the children in the study using a pediatric spirometer. The data concludes that the pulmonary function tests were performed at the beginning of the five week trial as well as the end. This data shows that the children who received massage therapy every night for 5 weeks showed marked improvement in forced expiratory flow and forced vital capacity ratio. This study was performed based on the fact that it is cost free, performed at home by parents who want to be a part of their child’s care and rarely causes side effects if it is performed correctly unlike the standard asthma treatment. In developing countries where allergy clinics are few and overloaded this new technique would be beneficial to low income families to help manage the care of their at home. (Fattah & Hamdy, 2001, p. 1067) The ethical issues that may have arisen for the researcher while conducting the research for this article includes not obtaining proper...
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