Pebbles Sand Making Equipment

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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As technology advanced, the sand production has been given more and more attention nowadays, fine quality artificial sand has been widely used in the market, the production equipment is also following the change, sand and gravel production processes change from single broken stone to the diversification of production now, the sand production often use the combination of the crusher and sand making machine. With high quality for the production of artificial sand, sand production process of the main configuration can not only make the production of fine sandstone, but also can reduce the wastage of the machine. Crusher collocation is a perfect example of artificial sand pebbles sand production and can be said to be the system sand machine.

Pebbles sand making production line production process is like this: the first, using stones crusher for the first step to break, then the broken stones can enter sand machine system for efficient finely crushed, thus sand and gravel that produce more high quality, uniform particles, after coarse broken the stone is very good for sand making machine to broke and will not cause damage to sand making machine. vipeak heavy industry can according to user specifications of stone product requirements to offer many kinds of crusher and sand making machine and introduce our customers to reasonably choice the equipment.

Vipeak heavy industry configuration of sand making production line can let the crusher and sand making machine play their own advantages to achieve the highest efficiency, it can be used for all kinds of pebble, raw materials such as limestone and reach for 50-800 t/h production. The configuration of the sand making process in addition to equipment boot downtime and maintenance besides, hardly need manual operation. In order to achieve high production efficiency, low operating cost, large output, high yield, fine grain shape, the finished product conforming to the national highway material requirements and provide...
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