Peasants Dbq

Topics: Holy Roman Empire, Late Middle Ages, Martin Luther Pages: 2 (791 words) Published: February 26, 2012
Peasant’s revolts DBQ
In 1517, Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses on a Church in Germany and began a change Europe. Many people second guessed how the Catholic Church was practicing religious teachings and this grew in Germany. After years of battling for religious reforms, a new religion was formed named Lutheranism. Between 1524 and 1526, German peasants began to revolt the Holy Roman Empire. The peasant revolts were caused by greed and wanting to get rid of serfdom and corrupt leaders in the Holy Roman Empire, and both positive and negative responses were seen. Most positive responses were seen by peasants while most negative responses were shown by some religious leaders and Holy Roman Empire leaders.

Many peasants, seeing these revolts against the Holy Roman Empire, wanted to be a part of them and so they joined. Most peasants were for fighting against the Holy Roman Empire. Many peasants felt that they should not be in serfdom anymore and thought that they should be let go (doc 3.) Also peasants wanted to go back to the original agreement between peasants and Lords (doc 2.) This document is reliable because it shows how the working man or a peasant feels about the Lords and how they treat peasants. (P.O.V). This speaker wants the revolt because he believes that if you don’t revolt you are resisting God’s will (doc 6). Even peasants began to help other peasants by letting them into the city to destroy the castles and other buildings to bring justice to the peasants (doc 5). For this document I believe that it is bias because the writer is a pastor and pastors wanted to make the revolts more action and may have not told m but this is a reliable source because he was actually at the city and saw what happened (P.O.V).

Not every person during this time period had positive responses to the revolts. Many leaders like Martin Luther, Leonhard von Eck, Caspar Nutzel, and many town councils saw that these revolts were very bad. One writer says that the...
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