Pearson Us History Review Questions

Topics: American Civil War, United States Constitution, Supreme Court of the United States Pages: 7 (1695 words) Published: January 28, 2013
1. In the United States, the significant change represented by the Supreme Court's decisions concerning Dred Scott (1857) and Brown v. Board of Education (1954) best illustrates the * ability of government to revise tax laws.

* desire of minority groups to be recognized.
* disappearance of prejudice and discrimination.
* continuing struggle of African Americans to achieve equality. 2. The United States Supreme Court decision in Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857) was important because it * strengthened the determination of abolitionists to achieve their goals. * caused the immediate outbreak of the Civil War.

* ended the importation of slaves into the United States. * increased the power of Congress to exclude slavery from the territories. 3. Which issues were controversial in national politics during the period 1800–1850? * racial prejudice, territorial expansion, immigration policy * tariff policy, nullification, rights of neutrals

* regulation of railroads, overseas acquisitions, federal income tax policy * states' rights policy, control of the Northwest Territory, recognition of United States independence by France 4. Which statement best reflects the political philosophy of Alexander Hamilton regarding the power of a federal government? * The government which governs least governs best.

* The central government should cede most of its authority to local governments. * The government may exercise all powers necessary and proper to meet its responsibilities. * The executive branch may exercise only those powers specifically given to it by the Supreme Court. 5. The executive branch of the United States government has traditionally gained power during periods when * the presidency has been occupied by a high-ranking military officer. * the Republican Party was in the majority in Congress and the President was a Democrat. * there has been a serious domestic or international problem facing the United States. * the Supreme Court and Congress have been in conflict over constitutional issues. 6. Actions and policies of the government under President George Washington generally resulted in the * establishment of strong political ties with other nations. * liberation of many enslaved persons.

* failure to create a sound financial program for the country. * strengthening of the federal government.
7. The significance of the case Marbury v. Madison (1803) is that it * established the principle of judicial review.
* declared the Alien and Sedition Acts to be legitimate laws. * demonstrated the supremacy of the national government over the states. * attempted to place the judiciary outside the impeachment power of the House of Representatives. 8. Under Chief Justice John Marshall, the Supreme Court

* stimulated the States rights movement by supporting the idea that states could reject acts of Congress. * helped create a sense of national unity by strengthening the federal government. * weakened the judiciary by refusing to deal with controversial issues. * became heavily involved in foreign affairs.

9. In 1823, the Monroe Doctrine was established mainly because the United States wanted to * keep control of Alaska and Hawaii.
* establish more colonies in Latin America.
* support England's attempt to keep its empire in Central America. * warn Europe against any further colonization in Latin America. 10. Which means for redressing grievances is applicable to American Indians but is usually not applicable to other minority groups? nonviolent marches to draw attention to injustices

equal educational and employment opportunity laws
* economic boycott of all products manufactured in the United States * collective lawsuits to recover ancestral lands
11. Adherence to a strict interpretation of the Constitution would have prevented President Thomas Jefferson from * making the...
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