Pearl S. Buck's The Good Earth: Plot

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  • Published : March 18, 2012
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It is early dawn with the sun barely rising, in his small house. Wang sets out to the small village near his farmland to make his marriage day good. He is nervous to arrive at the great House of Hwang. Plot Event # 1, P. 1-3 Wang’s Marriage Day - Wang Lung is a poor farmer who lives with his dad. Wang is going to get married. He is going to marry a slave from The House of Hwang which is a house of richness in his town. He is very nervous for he hasn’t met this slave before in his life and decides to use what little money he has to make this a good day. Days pass by in his house in which Olan is with child. Olan is still working hard around Wang’s house and around the kitchen. Wang spends his days working on his small farmland. At the feast, few gather around the small dinner table in the evening. Everyone was happy and content to feast before the New Year. Plot Event # 2, P. 31-38 Wang’s First Son - Wang finds out that his new wife named Olan is very hardworking and Wang is very pleased to have a woman for himself. Although she may not be pretty or have any beauty of such, Olan gives Wang a first boy child. Wang prepares a feast of which he can afford for the coming of the new boy. Wang arrives at the House of Hwang early day looking more prosperous then he came the first time. They sat in a big room across from the gatekeeper. When Olan presented the child and came back to Wang she said they looked as if they did not prosper. There was a sense of pride over Wang. Plot Event # 3, P. 51 Wang’s Bit of Prosperity - After a good year of harvest and hard work, Wang manages to save up some money. Olan comes through of her promise to visit the House of Hwang to show them her first son. Wang notices how the Hwangs of the great house had not been as prosperous as Wang Lung and his family. And a second son will be born soon. One evening when Wang was working on his farmland. A feel of hatred and bad luck stirred in the air. Plot Event # 4, P. 64-69 Bad Omens - Seeing...
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