Pearl Harbor Conspiracy Rebuttle

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  • Published : October 30, 2007
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Conspiracy theories are all around the modern world covering any topic imaginable ranging from the JFK-Lincoln conspiracy, 9-11, government cover-ups, and even extraterrestrial aliens. It only takes a person with a brain to realize within the first few minutes of reading some of these that they are for the most part unreliable and uneducated opinions. The event of December 7, 1941 is no exception to the norm of conspiracy theories. The events of Pearl Harbor can undoubtedly be argued as a set-up, but that opinion usually comes from a person with limited knowledge of the government, diplomatic relations, and military protocol. All of the so called "coincidences" are actually smart moves in a time of war. When Franklin Delano Roosevelt placed an embargo on Japan, he wasn't doing that in order to put the U.S. in immediate danger, he was realizing that wars have started to become less physical and more economical. A nation cannot continue war efforts without raw materials. Therefore, the quickest way to end aggression is cut off the food supply of the lion. People argue that because of the embargo, we gave Japan no choice but to attack us; however, if the government shared the same opinion on embargos, there would be endless supplies to aggressors and abusers throughout the world. Military intelligence has not always been known for working together and putting the puzzle pieces together. All the signs for Pearl Harbor are clear now as it is after the event happened, but we can't understand the fact that in a time of war, there are many signs coming from every direction that they are difficult to put together and complicated to understand. Many people forget that one of the most promising types of warfare used to win is deception. The Japanese, Germans, English, French, Italians, and any other country that was involved in WWII, we can be certain that all of them had sent out false messages intended to trick and confuse opponents. Even the U.S. utilized...
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