Pearl Harbor Bombed by Japanese Planes

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  • Published : March 18, 2008
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2,403 were killed and 1,178 were wounded; 188planes were destroyed on the ground. "Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor-this is no drill." President Roosevelt. The day of tragedy was Sunday, December 7, 1941. At 7:55 A.M. Hawaiian time when Japanese planes surprisingly attacked Pearl Harbor and Hickham Field. The first wave of the evil Japanese attack included 90 "Kate" torpedo bombers, 50 "Val" dive bombers and 50 "Zeke" fighters. They were well prepared and planned this long times ago to show themselves how fearful they are without declaration of attack. As they planned, even though 94 combat and auxiliary ships were tied up in Pearl Harbor, those did not have enough times to fight back against evils.

Actually 7:02 A.M. two Army privates picked up a large"blip" on their new radar screen. However, they did not contact the Information Center at Hickham Field until 7:20 because they never assumed evil Japanese were taking gross actions against U.S. At 4:05 A.M., Honolulu time, the U.S. minesweeper Condor sighted a periscope in water off Honolulu; At 6:45 A. M. the destroyer U.S. Ward sank a submarine. Recently, the U.S government had been in negotiations with the Japanese for the last nine months. The U.S. had asked the Japanese to withdraw from French Indo-China and had placed a trade embargo upon Japan to force them to do so. At the same time, the Japanese invaded Indo-China when France was defeated by the Germans.

Pearl Harbor is the United States Pacific naval based located in Hawaii. Results of attack, of eight battleships in the harbor four were sunk, and many innocent lives who worked in the army were also sunk in the water. As the result, U.S. will have action against disrespectful Japan.
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