Pearl Harbor

Topics: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Attack on Pearl Harbor, World War II Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor?
December 7, 1941 is the date that America woke up in hell. Planes and submarines made a surprise attack at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii by Japan on that day. President Franklin Roosevelt instantly declared war on Japan. Japan had their reasons why they attacked Pearl Harbor, and the reasons was the way America reacted when Japan announced a new order in East Asia, the freezing of all Japanese assets and bank accounts, and that the U.S imposed an embargo on oil shipment to Japan. One of reasons why Japan attacked Pearl Harbor is because America tried to prevent Japan plan when Japan declared a new order in East Asia in 1938. (C) Japan new order was required reading in high schools and colleges and the plan was basically saying that the old order which is America and Europe is crumbling and that Japan new order will replace it, and that Manchukuo is its reservoir and East Asia including china is its paddy field. (A) America didn’t like the action of the new order and to show that they didn’t approve of this the U.S began to embargo on aircraft and aircraft parts against Japan in 1939. (C) In July 1941 The U.S starts taking drastic measures by freezing all Japanese assets and bank accounts, meaning at the moment they have no access to their money.(C) This had to make Japan very angry which is one of the reason why Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Japan has to work with what they got left; they can’t get access to their money and can’t get aircraft or aircraft parts. In desperate times causes desperate measures and the last thing Japan can do is attack America and to plot a secret surprise attack to get back at America. The embargo placed to prevent Japan from getting oil shipments from America in August 1941 is the final cause of why Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. (C) In the late 1930’s about 80% of Japan oil came from United States and being that Japan will not be getting 80% of oil anymore did tremendous damage to Japan. (D)According...
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