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  • Published : April 16, 2012
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To:Max Berndt, CEO Peachtree Healthcare
From:Markham Team

IT infrastructure is not reliable therefore users are unable to perform their day to day functions, including clinical duties. Impacting quality and safety of patient care. •Pressure from the board to standardize hospital procedures without fully assessing the need for it. •Unable to analyze the current situations subjectively in order to properly manage the pressure to follow competitors.

Growth through acquisitions has led to the inheritance of many incompatible legacy systems. Current resources are focused on maintaining inefficient processes in order to keep the hospital running. The hospital needs to decide on what long / short term IT infrastructure system strategies and roadmaps are needed to increase efficiency.

Selective Standardization: Assess and decide on a SOA architecture standard. Review individual business functions and decide on an ideal standard for that functional unit then migrate others to it. •None-standardization: Leave the systems the way it is. Hire more IT staff to keep up the workload and maintain minimum SLA. •Standardization: Assess and implement an organization wide monolithic system.

Time to value - when will the new system realize value for each business unit. •Flexibility – easy to modify, upgrade and customization capabilities •Staff buy-in – ability to convince all staff to give this project a try

Our recommendation is to create a strategy of selective-standardization. •Proceed with SOA in stages by piloting smaller projects to quickly provide value to business units. Create case studies to get other business units and vendor support throughout roll-out process. •Hire external change management consultants to ensure minimum user disruption and smooth transition into the new system.

Proceed with a monolithic system implementation...
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