Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy

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  • Published : October 4, 2008
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“I lose my temper but it’s all over in a minute.” said the Student. “So is the Nuclear Bomb. But think of the damage it produces.” Teacher replied.

Above mentioned quote confirms that we have always weighed nuclear energy with the destruction it causes. Thanks to the unique invention of nuclear energy, i.e. Nuclear Bomb. On hearing the word ‘Nuclear’ the only thing that comes to our mind is havoc and disaster mainly due to some unfortunate incidents such as ‘Hiroshima Nagasaki bombings’, ‘Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster’ etc.

At some point of time, we need to answer the question: “Does the global threat of nuclear weapons overshadow the benefits of peaceful nuclear technologies? We need to break our mind’s barrier and think about other applications of Nuclear energy, i.e. peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

In the years just before and during World War II, nuclear research focused mainly on the development of defense weapons. Later, scientists concentrated on peaceful applications of nuclear technology. An important use of nuclear energy is the generation of electricity. After years of research, scientists have successfully applied nuclear technology to many other scientific, medical, and industrial purposes.

Our main focus will be on the generation of electricity using nuclear energy in nuclear power plants as it is one of the main peaceful uses of nuclear energy. Electricity is generated using isotopes of certain atoms (elements). Although atoms are tiny, they have a large amount of energy holding their nuclei together. These isotopes can be split and will release part of their energy as heat. This splitting is called fission. A series of fissions is called a chain reaction. This chain reaction creates a great deal of heat, which can be used to help generate electricity.

Nuclear power plants generate electricity like any other steam-electric power plant. Water is heated, and steam from the boiling water...
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