Peace Within Two Religious Traditions

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  • Published : May 8, 2011
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“Explain how the understanding of peace is expressed through the sacred texts of two religious traditions.”

The term of non-religious ‘peace’ refers to an absence of hostility or aggression. For the nations of the world to cooperate harmoniously would be an example of this. It is a very provocative theory which has been inaccurately referred to of recent times, such as one world leader who while piling up sophisticated nuclear war weapons, said it was being done in order to preserve peace in the world… It seems that the definition of such a concept has been used in extremely different contexts over the years simply because we who live on Earth have not experienced the entirety of it. While these non-religious dilemmas are thrown around, another highly argumentative topic in itself is religion, let alone peace being obtained through religion. The definition of peace within religion can entirely relate to inner peace. Inner peace is a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace, with enough knowledge and understanding to remain strong in the face of unfriendliness or stress. In this essay I will discuss the belief of peace within two traditions: Islam and Christianity. And I will be doing this by giving examples from both beliefs’ sacred texts.

I will first examine the Christian way of peace as spoken through passages of The New Testament. The New Testament is the customary text that all Christians follow. It declares the focus of peace within the Christian tradition, all of which began with the submissive teachings of Jesus Christ. Christians are taught to live harmoniously with all humans and the belief of an apparent god. As documented in the Gospels and other writings of The New Testament, Jesus Christ taught peace and pacifism to his advocates. This was at the time that Romans were the dominant force of the world, which ultimately would have made peacemaking difficult to uphold as the Romans often intimidated the Jewish people of Jerusalem....
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