Peace Talks with Taliban

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  • Published : July 20, 2012
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Name: Farid Ahmad Safi ID Number: 1429 ENG 110

Instructor: Christopher Henderson Date: 13 July 2012

Essay One – Argumentative

The peace and reconciliation process with Taliban started with full force at the beginning of 2011 while NATO, Afghan Government and Taliban realized that their objectives can’t be achieved with war. A decade of war-fought with Taliban is considered not in national interest of the NATO partners since the invested financial resources did not produce the required objectives and that numbers of troops being killed are increasing every year. According to a British MP (Around 130 Billion USD is spent annually in Afghanistan). Taliban are also divided into couple of groups of “extremist and moderate”; the moderate group showed signals towards negotiations for peace talks. The government of Afghanistan also created a peace-council to take part in the peace process therefore Taliban has also established a political office in Qatar. Meanwhile Unite States has also released some high profile Taliban members from Guantanamo. Although some people are against the peace talks, but the only solution to end the bloodshed and have a prosperous Afghanistan is to start negotiations and reconciliation with Taliban in order to reach a peace agreement.

Afghanistan has been through many wars in the last couple of decades, all of them turned into civil wars due continued fighting and no-one tried to find political solutions for them. Therefore bringing Taliban to the table of negotiation is a positive change towards peace and prosperity. Both Taliban and Afghan Government are being influenced for peace talks by the ordinary people on each side, since they are tired of being in war for so long. Ordinary members of the Taliban are looking to live their lives in peace and security. A huge number of Taliban fighters are joining the...
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