PEACE Domestic Evaluation Plan for The City of Portland

Topics: Domestic violence, Violence, Child abuse Pages: 3 (532 words) Published: February 11, 2011
Scenario Evaluation Plan
Mayda Moore
HSM 270
February 11, 2011
Professor William Latte

Scenario Evaluation Plan
PEACE Domestic Evaluation Plan
The City of Portland experienced increasing reports of domestic and youth violence, spousal and child abuse, assault, and incidents with road rage that can have damaging effects unrecognized by some. Family violence can leave people and young children vulnerable. The evaluation plan for the PEACE agency will lead toward ending and preventing violence by implementing primary prevention. PEACE will help prevent violence and begin healthy relationship to support parents, youth educator, leaders, research and the community. The purpose of the evaluation plan is to outline an effective plan that will work together to reinforce, strengthen and show through educational resources for relationships and respect of nonviolent actions. PEACE will provide tools, framework, and research to support comprehensive solutions to prevent complex and variable violence. Plans will include a roadmap for individuals, influences, community, and society that will provide pathways identified in the plan work and address factors on each level. The evaluation plan will provide the PEACE agency with a variety of information to 1. Remove individuals to safety

2. Have a well-resourced approach on all levels of comprehensive coordination 3. Youth leadership and developmental in identifying healthy effects on teen pregnancy, violent dating, substance abuse, and bullying prevention programs 4. Social and emotional strategies for children and adolescents 5. Standardized domestic violence data

Prevention efforts through evaluation will determine the effectiveness of the programs mission, goals, and the targeted population. PEACE’s plans of evaluation will consist of A) Comprehensive strategies

B) Sufficient diagnosis
C) Theory...
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