Peace & Dignity

Topics: Human, Religion, Natural environment Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: February 1, 2013

On October12, 1992 - Columbus Day - the students and the faculties at Mott Community College planted a tree to represent the “circle of life” outdoors behind the Curtice-Mott Complex and to honor the survival of the human race. Since then, a yearly celebration has been held to ceremoniously celebrate the circle of life where the people of the 4 colors – white, black, red, and yellow- stand equally.

The ceremony was serene, equally captivating, and there was an aura of unity and cultural harmony. A Native American religious leader from Mexico, Francisco Sanches, who serves as “Tlakaelel” or advisor of the Anahuak (an Aztec word for a place where eagles soar) is a Mexica/Tolteca elder who teaches and serves as heir and guardian of the oral traditions. The ceremony began with MCC Counselor Celia Perez-Booth who serves as Sanches’s interpreter welcoming everybody to this harmonious event.

Counselor Celia introduced Tlakaelel who appears to be young, yet the years chisel his face. There was an aura of wisdom and seriousness, he stood in front of everybody and delivered his speech, which is derived from his religion “Cosmic interpretation of existence”. He views and stressed that we are created by the same creator “i.e. God” where the sun is his instrument which provides light, heat and energy… all essential for human life.

He stressed that we are all heirs of this earth, children’s of the creator. United we are one but, social systems are pulling us a part and are trying to keep us from remembering the well of the creator to be one. He said together, we form the shape of the creator’s body. We are the Cosmos. He elaborated that we are responsible to keep this earth as we found it. We are supposed to take only what we need to survive and never to take in excess, or out of pleasure and recreation. We human beings suppose to conserve the creator’s resources and protect the environment.

He helped initiate the Peace and Dignity...
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