"Peace Child" Reflection

Topics: Jesus, Culture, The Culture Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Deborah Brown
Feb. 20. 2012
BBST 306/Acts
M. 6-8 PM
Reflection Paper
Peace Child

I never imagined that people such as the Sawi actually exist. I heard stories about them but in the book, Peace Child, written by Don Richardson, the issue has never been more personal. A question that kept arising as I read through the books, was why is treachery so valued? The people were obviously affected and each act of revenge or violence just stimulated more fear among the people. Yet, it was obvious that people kept hoping to trust because there was always hope to establish friendship and peace, even though most times it was regretted later on.

New insights I gained about God while reading Peace Child was how God is so powerful, He is able to work in the most hopeless of places. This really gave me peace as I read this. Sometimes in this Biola bubble, our problems, while still huge, are microscopic in terms of fearing of being tortured and eaten. Yet, if God can work amongst the Sawi, then God can certainly work amongst any situation. But then again, if the Sawi can completely leave their culture and traditional ways behind to passionately serve Christ, then how much more dedicated faithful I should be, instead of having a wandering heart. He has blessed me with comfort, fulfilling my needs, and I not only have taken so much for granted, but I don’t thank Him enough or give Him the dedication He deserves from me. This book has convicted me and brought me to reflection of what and whom I am truly serving. And just how important it is to always equip myself with the promises and truth of God. I am to hold fast to His words, meditate on them, which I don’t do enough. This will bring me strength in my faith so that when circumstances arise, my heart is not so quick to wander. Or else, what is the point if I am not consistent?

The illustration of the “Peace Child” was one of the best examples the missionary could’ve used in reaching the culture of the Sawi because...
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