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Topics: Time, Term, Exercise Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: March 25, 2013
This semester has been great for me in terms of personal fitness. I have had the good fortune of having gym class and a foods class in the same semester. In combination I can stay fit and make healthy food choices which are key to being healthy. I am sure when I recap on my semester in PPL20 I will remember things I have learned, memorable moments, things that have really affected me as a person, some things that I did not enjoy and things I will remember in 5 years.

There are a few things I have learned this semester in this class. I feel like the most things I have learned came from health class as we did not have a proper class to do units too in depth. I learned a lot about different drugs and their different names, short term effects, long term effects and legal status. We also learned about steroids and the different kinds of steroids. We also learned about a lot of different side effects and different dangers of steroids. I also learned about how to achieve success without steroids. I also learned how to play badminton a lot better by placing the birdy away from the opponent on every hit and not hitting it in the middle. In the weight room I was able to apply what I learned from last year and from outside of school to be efficient in the weight room and finish lots of sets in a period of time.

I felt pretty comfortable in most units that we studied. I think the biggest challenge for me was to play badminton because I am not really good at that sport. But I did feel like I really did improve a lot with the technique and where to place the birdie. I really enjoyed playing ringette and hockey because I do not play them often but I feel I should. I felt most comfortable in indoor sports that we did in class such as basketball, indoor soccer, and volleyball. I think I did well in those units because those were the sports I was most familiar with so it was easy to adjust to. I wish we could have gone more in depth in the rugby unit because I really do...
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